Town & Country Recreation Center is a private, non-profit, all-volunteer organization. All membership fees go toward year-round expenses including pool maintenance, improving the grounds, and paying insurance, utility and property tax bills, just to name a few things. To access the facilities you must join as a member and pay membership fees.  We accept donations and are always looking for new ways to raise additional funds. If you’re interested in donating or helping us raise funds, please email us at!

2018 Membership Rates

Full Family (1 adult and up to 4 family members. Each additional family member $50/person)

Standard – $450 (early bird special rate – $400) 

Senior (At least 1 household member >65 years old; no children in home >21 years old)

Standard – $200 (early bird special rate – $175)

Adults Only (Up to 4 adults in one household; 21 years or older)

Standard – $300 (early bird special rate – $275)

Single Adult (1 adult 21 years or older)

Standard – $225 (early bird special rate – $200)

*Children under 2 years old FREE*

*Seniors who wish their children or grandchildren to have access to the pool can pay the FULL FAMILY membership rate or pay the $5 guest fee per person per visit for those family members. 

*Early Bird Special Rate Due in full by April 30,2018

Click the link to download membership application: